About Us

Welcome to our boutique!! 
We love sharing our love of fashion with other ladies such as yourselves.  

 Up until a year ago I was a full time hair stylist and mother to 2 beautiful babies!! Abbie and Easton are my world!!!

April 22, 2017 changed my life forever!! I was involved in a ATV accident which put me in a coma and away from my babies for over a month! Through this last year of still recovering it has been anything but easy!! God has shown me this life is worth so much more!!!

I felt like God put this boutique on my heart for 2 reasons!! 1 to show my love for fashion and 2 so that I can still spend time with the ones who matter most in my life!!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by my boutique and letting me tell you a little bit about myself and how The Rustic Cactus came about!

❤️Jennifer, Abbie and Easton